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Study finds one reason law firms are losing prospective clients


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Have you ever called a customer service line and heard those annoying beep tones while on hold? Would you believe in a recent study by PHMG that 13% of law firms are using these tones? What may be worse than those beeps, is 46% of firms in the study leave callers in dead silence while on hold and 41% used generic (boring) music.

Can your hold music or lack thereof really have an impact on new client conversion? According to a separate PHMG study, 59% of people will not do business with a company… Continue reading

New York Minimum Wage Hike Mandatory on Saturday

NY Minimum Wage

NY Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in NY is increasing by $.70 this Saturday and will continue to increase annually until Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan for a $15 statewide minimum wage is realized. Business owners are implementing plans to stay in compliance with the new law.

Paying employees fair wages is important to many business owners and many are getting creative with their budgets so their team doesn’t suffer. The fractional workplace is gaining more momentum as business owners seek creative ways to offer high quality services at affordable prices while still paying their team well. At Back Office Betties,… Continue reading

Lexicata & Betties Virtual Receptionists Integration to Simplify the New Client Intake Process

 CRM & Virtual Receptionist Integration

If you aren’t Lexicata, you are missing an opportunity to grow your law firm. Lexicata offers a robust CRM designed specifically for law firms. The software offers lead management tools, easy to design intake forms, email integration and now can integrate with your Back Office Betties virtual receptionist services. When a potential client calls your firm, we understand the importance of capturing a lead, scheduling consultations and creating as little follow up work for you as possible. Our virtual receptionists now have the ability to also add new clients as a lead into Lexicata with the click of a button… Continue reading

Can I use Google Voice with Back Office Betties answering services?

Google Voice and Back Office Betties

Google Voice and Back Office Betties

Back Office Betties virtual receptionist services play’s nicely with Google Voice however, there are a few nuances you should be aware of. Google Voice requires our virtual receptionists to press 1 in order to accept the incoming call and it only gives 25 seconds total ring time to answer and press 1. The number one complaint that our clients have with Google Voice is calls going to voicemail instead of a live receptionist. If a call comes into our system during a high volume time and we are not able to answer it quickly… Continue reading

What is the best calendar for my business?

setmore calendar

Back Office Betties solutions team is frequently asked for recommendations on calendars. Our team of virtual recpetionists are trained on a variety of calendars for industries ranging from health care to service businesses to law firms. There are many great options geared towards specific industries such as SetMore for Massage Therapists or Service Fusion for HVAC contractors, however each business has unique needs which can make choices stressful.

Our team has had in-depth training on each of the calendars below and we’re happy to advise you on the software that best meets your needs. Just shoot an email off to… Continue reading

What are other carpet cleaners earning?

heatmap-sm-1024x553 Do you know your states averages for carpet cleaning? Service Monster has so graciously pulled their client base, researched average invoices throwing out all data below $50 and over $1500 to provide average carpet cleaning jobs across the US in 2014. They looked at a total of over $280,000,000 in invoices as their sample size.

Check out the list to see how you compare. If your averages are significantly lower perhaps it’s time to increase your job minimum or up your cleaning prices.


State Average
AK $278.44
AL $235.25
AR $249.32
AZ $215.63
CA $249.83
CO $293.05
CT $260.80… Continue reading

Make An Additional $1,000 This Month Using Service Monster!


We’ve all heard it’s easier to maintain our customer base than to prospect for new customers but many businesses are not actively doing this. Statistically, there is a 50% chance of closing a warm lead. So for every lead where you’ve done a free one room cleaning or estimate you have a 50% chance of performing service for them within 18 months. Staying in front of leads and prior customers is important so that you are the only company they think of when they are ready to pull the trigger.

Dean Jackson from I Love Marketing discusses his 9 word… Continue reading

3 Ways To Use Your Gatekeeper to Stop Bad Habits

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In the blog 9 Habits to Stop Now Tim Ferris states letting people ramble, carrying a cell phone 24/7 and answering unrecognized calls are habits to break so that you can do more of what you want to be focusing on. Does that kind of freedom sound good to you? If so, read on for how to use your gatekeeper to add more freedom to your days.


  1. Stay in the driver’s seat of conversations to avoid rambling. Make sure both you and your gatekeeper are skilled at politely controlling conversations and steering them to completion. We train our virtual… Continue reading

Time Blocking: Maximize Your Firms Productivity

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If you are a solopreneutime blockr you are wearing a lot of hats and juggling the demands of running a busy practice can be made easier with the help of one powerful productivity hack; time blocking.

According to Gary Keller, co-founder and chairman of Keller Williams Realty in his book The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results he asks himself “”What’s the one thing which, when tackled, will make everything else I have to do easier or unnecessary?” The first four hours of the day are spent doing that one thing.

As a solo practitioner… Continue reading

How much does Back Office Betties virtual receptionists cost?

Dear Bettie,

What is your service going to cost me?

Rod – Phoenix, AZ

Dear, Rod,

This is the number one question our Solutions Consultants are asked. There are quite a few services that require you to choose one plan which gives the allusion of a fixed cost. One popular company has a mid-range plan of 200 minutes for $449 per month. This breaks down to $2.25 per minute. If you go over these minutes you are charged the applicable per minute rate. While it’s true as long as you stay under 200 minutes your bill will… Continue reading