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A Few words about us

Virtual Receptionists—with a Twist

These days, everyone has a phone. We take it everywhere we go, even into the bathroom. What’s strange, though, is that almost none of us use our phones to actually talk to anyone. That’s fine if you’re just keeping up with friends, but if you’re a business owner, your customers expect to reach a real, live person when they call. What’s a busy professional to do when you aren’t a phone person? Or what if you’re so busy taking care of your current customers that you can’t get to the phone as quickly as you’d like?

It’s time to call in the Betties.

Back Office Betties is your virtual receptionist. We answer your phones when you can’t (or don’t want to), and we do it with a smile on our faces and a pleasant demeanor that gives your customers a great first impression!

Reasons you need the Betties (and Bennies!) in your life:

  • You’re a busy business owner or solopreneur who doesn’t have time to answer the phone.
  • You’re out taking care of your current customers and want to have prospective customers receive equally amazing care.
  • You need someone to schedule appointments so you can just show up and provide the excellent service your customers expect.
  • You just hate talking on the phone.

The Back Office Betties LOVE answering the phone and helping your customers!

Okay, so you know we answer the phones, but did you know we do even more than that? Your focused team of Betties knows your business. We know how to answer your phones, how and where to forward them, and we expertly set the tone for your business. Plus, we can even manage your schedule and make outbound calls to confirm appointments and follow-up with your customers.

But wait… There’s more! Yep, even with everything we do to keep your business running smoothly and make a great impression on your customers, we keep it real with an affordable pricing structure that works for you, no matter how big or small your business is. You might be surprised at what a great value it is to work with Back Office Betties. You get a professional answering service with scheduling and a virtual receptionist that makes your business look great—at less than you would expect.

So what are you waiting for? Stop answering your own phones! Put the Betties to work for you.

Still hesitant to hand over the reins to the Betties? Why not try us out for a week? Our free trial allows you to see us in action and learn how best to put our service to work for you. Click here to get started .