How much does Back Office Betties virtual receptionists cost?

Dear Bettie,

What is your service going to cost me?

Rod – Phoenix, AZ

Dear, Rod,

This is the number one question our Solutions Consultants are asked. There are quite a few services that require you to choose one plan which gives the allusion of a fixed cost. One popular company has a mid-range plan of 200 minutes for $449 per month. This breaks down to $2.25 per minute. If you go over these minutes you are charged the applicable per minute rate. While it’s true as long as you stay under 200 minutes your bill will always be $449 it can still fluctuate if you use more time than your plan allows. This same company advertises their plans as $259, $449 and $899 which translates to $2.59, $2.25 and $1.79 per minute.

At Back Office Betties, we charge by the minute only for actual time used. The more you use the lower the per minute fee is. Our pricing starts at $1.99 and goes down to $.79 per minute based on volume. Our average client spends about $200-$500 per month. Many of our clients have seasonal high volume and our pricing model allows them to save money during low volume periods. We also do not round up calls. We total the minutes and seconds of all calls throughout the month and using the applicable per minute rate for billing.

We aren’t the highest priced company and we certainly aren’t the lowest either. Our focus is on quality and that includes paying our team a fair wage to attract the best talent. We won’t sacrifice quality to save a nickel. If you are looking for a more budget friendly company, call one of our solutions consultants and we’d be happy to point you in the direction of a company who may be a better fit for you. If you’d like to estimate your monthly spend, sign up for one week free. At the end of your free week, you’ll receive a report detailing calls received and total usage. You can multiply by 4 and then apply the applicable per minute rate to determine your estimated spend.