How does a virtual receptionist know what to say and do?

Dear Bettie,

How does this all work? Do you give me a phone number to use and how do you know what to say?

Pensacola, FL

Dear Jason,

Back Office Betties virtual receptionists are ready to take your calls once you have forwarding your existing telephone line to the phone number we provide you. We will create scripting that includes if this, then that scenarios. For example, if a new client calls schedule an appointment. If an existing client calls attempt to transfer the call.

We aim to follow the KISS method of Keep It Stupidly Simple to enable our reception team to quickly identify the needs of your callers and route the call appropriately. The more elaborate or unclear your instructions are the more opportunity for error.

Our system will identify all calls coming in on the phone number we’ve assigned you and will route the call to the first available receptionist on your team. As soon as that Bettie or Bennie answers the call they have access to your full account information including call handling and scripting and external links to your website and scheduling software.

Great question, Jason!