Google Calendar for Business

Dear Bettie,

How do you route plan so I’m not running all over town. I use Google Calendar for scheduling.

Jared, Mesa, AZ

Dear Jared,

We’ve worked hard to create consistent systems that can be replicated for various businesses. We always add the city of scheduling to the header so that our receptionist team can quickly scan job locations and schedule based on existing locations. We also utilize the service area list that you provide to ensure customers are within your service area.

You will provide us with the appropriate blocks of time for scheduling and windows for arrival. Finally, we take your list of intake questions as in the example shown and we complete the Google Calendar appointment in the same format, every time. When we’ve finished scheduling a Google Calendar appointment we recap with the customer the date, time and location for the appointment to ensure data integrity and then we notify you via email or text that a new appointment has been scheduled. Thanks for asking such a great question!

Google Calendar