Study finds one reason law firms are losing prospective clients


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Have you ever called a customer service line and heard those annoying beep tones while on hold? Would you believe in a recent study by PHMG that 13% of law firms are using these tones? What may be worse than those beeps, is 46% of firms in the study leave callers in dead silence while on hold and 41% used generic (boring) music.

Can your hold music or lack thereof really have an impact on new client conversion? According to a separate PHMG study, 59% of people will not do business with a company if the initial call isn’t handled to their satisfaction.

After reading about the study in the ABA Journal, I was left more curious about why prospective clients were put on hold in the first place. Perhaps the firm is missing a quality intake process?

Aaron George, Co-Founder of Law Firm CRM, Lexicata notes that time and again the first lawyer to respond to a client is most likely to gain them as a client. Here are three easy tips to ensure your intake process is converting prospects into clients.

1. Create New Client Processes

Your receptionist should know exactly what to do when a prospective client calls in. She should be able to flawlessly execute this process over and over again. This could be something like:

  • Schedule Initial Consultation
  • Complete initial intake form
  • Add Lead to CRM
  • Call 24 hours in advance of appointment to say the attorney looks forward to meeting with them

2. Be Responsive

When the phone rings, your receptionist should be ready to take the call, schedule the appointment,

and input new lead information without ever putting the prospect on hold. If you are limited on staff, consider having a roll over line ring to another team member or a virtual receptionist who can also flawlessly execute your new client intake process.

If you receive inquiries via your website, make sure you are responding within 1 business hour or your prospect may move on to the next company. Online inquiries should follow a similar intake path to phone calls with the objective of scheduling the initial consultation.

3. Be Friendly, Empathetic & Professional

Whether your intake specialist is your receptionist, your paralegal or yourself, you should consistently offer a friendly greeting, show empathy and remain professional as the firm’s intake process is followed. If you find yourself getting annoyed at answering calls, delegate the task to someone who can reliably provide great service to your clients.

When you create processes that are easy to follow and have the right team in place, you will begin to win more new clients and improve the overall efficiency within your practice.