Make An Additional $1,000 This Month Using Service Monster!


We’ve all heard it’s easier to maintain our customer base than to prospect for new customers but many businesses are not actively doing this. Statistically, there is a 50% chance of closing a warm lead. So for every lead where you’ve done a free one room cleaning or estimate you have a 50% chance of performing service for them within 18 months. Staying in front of leads and prior customers is important so that you are the only company they think of when they are ready to pull the trigger.

Dean Jackson from I Love Marketing discusses his 9 word email secret that has been getting fantastic responses. His tip is to email every lead and client who has not booked service with you within two years. The email body will say nothing more than “Dear <Customer/Lead>, Do you still need your carpets cleaned?” The effort is minimal and the cost is only a small amount of time.

As an adjunct to our clients Service Monster mail campaigns we assist business owners by performing their call campaigns. The calls take just a few hours per month so make sure to block off time, use a team member or hire a service to work your campaigns regularly. We love Dean Jackson’s simple script asking for the sale. Our Service Monster users have created 6 month and 12 month campaigns that pull all clients who haven’t had service in 6/12 months onto a campaign list. The campaign should be worked monthly to call customers to let them know that it’s been x months since their last cleaning and then ask if they are ready to schedule their next cleaning. It’s simple and effective.

This campaign is effective for several reasons. First, several jobs close immediately. According to Home Advisor based on 27,865 cost profiles the average cleaning job is $174. Adding just six jobs this month can gross you over $1,000 of additional income!

Second, when you consistently run mail and call campaigns you remain top of mind to customers. If your customer isn’t ready today, you want them calling you when they are ready tomorrow.

If you aren’t using time blocking to work on your business start doing this right away. Block off several hours on your calendar to create and run automatic mail and call campaigns. Make sure you are actively working on generating leads from your existing client base and using your weekly or monthly time blocks to turn off the phones, find a quiet place to work and focus on maintaining your marketing campaigns.