Absolutely! Our goal at Back Office Betties is to offer the same friendly telephone services that your in-house receptionist would offer! Inbound and outbound calls are included with your plan.

This means when you need to provide a customer with information, we are happy to make the call. We can schedule your appointments, follow up with clients and we’ve even been known to sing happy birthday to a customer or two. Do you have a special request? Ask away.

We’ll supply you a toll-free or local (by request) phone number to forward your calls to. You choose when you want to forward calls and can forward all day or you can set up conditional forwarding with your carrier so calls are only forwarded when you are unavailable to answer.

We’re frequently asked for recommendations on phone companies. Some of the popular choices of our clients are:

  • Grasshopper
  • Ring Central
  • Vonage
  • Cox
  • Sprint
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobiel
  • AT&T

Yes! We have a team of bilingual Spanish speaking virtual receptionists available to take your calls.

One of our Betties answers your call live and attempts a warm transfer to you. If you are unable to take the call, your receptionist can offer voice mail or take a written message which is sent via email and/or text.

We answer all calls to your specifications and will obtain your requirements when we set up your free trial.

Lexicata is a robust CRM designed for law firms to help attorney’s track leads, manage the intake process and send documents for e-signatures. Betties reception team is able to send new lead information directly to your Lexicata inbox via our system. Streamlining the new client intake process has never been easier.

  • Screen and transfer: 45 seconds
  • Screen, transfer and take a message: 1.5 – 3 minutes
  • Simple appointment scheduling: 2.5 – 4 minutes
  • Lengthy Intake Forms/Questions +  Scheduling: 4-8 minutes

The simpler your intake process is, the quicker we can schedule an appointment. An example of a simple process is asking a caller for name, phone, email and 1-2 additional pieces of information and adding it to the calendar. This call falls in the 2.5-4 minute range unless long scripts are used during the scheduling process.

Our average client spend is about $412 per month, however the best way to gauge your estimated monthly usage is by signing up for a complimentary 7 day trial.  Click here to start your complimentary trial or view our pricing page for plan options.

We do not have a la carte fees or surprise extras at the end of the month. We do ask that you make a minimum monthly usage commitment and beyond that, the only extra fees incurred are if you go over your plan minutes.

Our team of savvy virtual receptionists are trained to use the following calendars.

  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Clio
  • Full Slate
  • Get Timely
  • Google Calendar*
  • Lexicata
  • MyCase
  • Outlook*
  • SetMore

*If you use Outlook or Google Calendar for scheduling, we require integration with an Acuity Scheduling account. We’ve found Acuity to be the easiest calendar to set up to integrate with Outlook and Google. It allows for perfect scheduling every time because we can fully customize your availability for different appointment types. Acuity also automatically sends you and your clients an appointment confirmation. To learn more about Acuity, click here.

Additional minutes are prorated at the per minute rate of your plan. For example 100 minutes for $229 monthly would have a per minute charge of $2.29.


Monday-Friday, 6:00 am – 5:00 pm. After-hours calls will be directed to your voice mail. Your messages will be delivered directly to your email.

Your voicemail’s are delivered via email in a .wav format. You can listen to messages from your mobile device or call in to an 800 # to retrieve messages.

Some of our clients have us add an emergency cell phone number on their after-hours voicemail greeting.

Answering services typically take and forward messages and can sound impersonal. They tend to leave callers feeling like they are leaving a message with someone who has absolutely no connection to the person they want to speak with. Our virtual receptionists sound as if they are sitting at your front desk, answering calls, managing your calendar, giving pricing information and answering FAQs while also taking messages and screening calls.

We can transfer calls to any phone number in the United States (other than the one forwarded to Back Office Betties).

Betties HQ is in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. Our wonderful team of virtual receptionists work from dedicated home offices across the United States.

While some answering service companies save money by outsourcing account management overseas, team Betties is 100% US Based.

We love being able to save our clients money, attract top talent and take excellent care of our team by offering remote employment. Our team members are located in CA, AZ, TX and FL.

We employ paralegals, customer service experts, college graduates and other experienced professionals who love the culture of Betties and the work-life balance that telecommuting affords.